Hitachi Magic Wand

Touted as the “Cadillac of Vibrators”, the Hitachi Magic Wand successfully lives up to the title through its durability and versatility. Due to its well earned fame and reputation, there are even subpar quality knockoffs that must be avoided!

A product that I bought in 2013, over a year of experience with this vibrating toy shows that it keeps on going. Due to it being plugged into the wall, you do not have to worry about rechargable battery life or any other parts getting lost; as long as you have a wall outlet in your bedroom (or room of choice), and the power isn’t out, the Hitachi Magic Wand diligently keeps going and going and going…

And an ever growing collection of attachments keeps it fresh. For those who find the vibrations of this vibrator too strong, some attachments can dull the vibrations; for those on the other side of the spectrum, there exist attachments which concentrate the vibrations into a nub. Oh my! I prefer my Hitachi Magic Wand by itself, as its spherical-barrel shape allows me to use the broad side and the edge to vary the vibrations on the go.

However, what may be pros to some are cons to others. The Hitachi Magic Wand plugs into the wall, which means that multiple things can interrupt play; if your bedroom lacks power outlets, the power goes out, or if you live outside the USA you may have trouble finding a time and place to use this product. It also is not subtle, due to its reputation; if you thought you were going to leave this out and say “its a massager”, think again — a gay friend of mine was not oblivious to what this product is commonly used for, and we had a good laugh about it but if you live in a studio like myself where your bedroom is also in your living room? Time to invest in a good container to keep your sex toys– I mean “personal massagers” — in case friends drop by.


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